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Image of "Police Line - Do Not Cross" tape
As an adjunct professor at Hodges University, Captain Michael Koval possesses 40 years of experience in law enforcement. Continuing his work as inspector for the North Port Police Department (NPPD), he remains an advocate for higher education among law enforcement officers, which is why he devotes his time to leading […]

Setting the Standard for Law Enforcement

Emily Arnold and family
While the number of women working in the field of technology remains low, Hodges University student Emily Arnold aspires to become one more woman who is breaking down the barrier and stigma associated with women in technology. “I feel somewhat alone being a woman pursuing a degree in technology,” she […]

Pushing Back Against Intimidation and Fear

Learning Outside the Lecture
Learning doesn’t always have to be reading from a textbook or PowerPoint, and although theory is important to the basic, fundamental knowledge students need, it is the application that leaves a lasting impression. Whether a student is studying online, on campus or self-paced, courses in each of Hodges’ five schools […]

Learning Outside the Lecture

Is it safe to shop online?
By Carrie Kerskie, Director of the Identity Fraud Institute You will never hear me say that anything is safe. Everything has risks. Online shopping has risks. Fortunately, there are tips that can help to reduce those risks. Use a credit card When you use a credit card, a debt of […]

Is it Safe to Shop Online?

Typosquatting Blog Post
By Carrie Kerskie, Director of the Identity Fraud Institute Scammers are well aware of the fact that people are prone to typographical errors. Our inability or unwillingness to proofread what we type could lead to great harm. Not physical harm, but harm to our privacy. All due to typosquatting. Typosquatting […]

Watch Out for Typosquatting

Student writing at computer
Incorporating APP into Your Writing By Minnette Smith, Director of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) at Hodges Writing a paper or essay can feel like a daunting task. Your ability to take information and craft it into a clear and concise paper may not be your forte, but it is […]

Incorporating APP into Your Writing

Jim Nichols
As an assistant professor of computer networking and technical specialist in Hodges University’s Fisher School of Technology, Jim Nichols admits, “Learning this information isn’t easy,” but for students who are eager to learn and who are committed to the program, the skills learned will provide for greater career opportunities after […]

Opening a Gateway to Future Success