Six Ways to Celebrate Life

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By Dr. April Brown, LMHC, NCC, Ed.D., director of counseling services

Students working together.Whether you have made the decision to attend Hodges University, or you are expressing interest in becoming a student, that is a reason to celebrate! This step is a new beginning. If you are a Hodges student, a successful completion of your program can significantly improve your future and your loved ones’ lives. If you are researching Hodges and learning more about us, the decision you have made to continue your education is placing you on a path to success. The celebration starts with you.

Here are six ways you can celebrate life:

  1. Honor and know yourself. Be your number one cheerleader! In other words, motivate yourself by staying positive in all that you do. Furthermore, create positive and realistic goals, with a timeline, and have these goals visible every day.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people. As you celebrate life, make sure to cultivate your positive energy by being around other positive people with similar goals. One way of doing this is by joining one of Hodges University’s clubs and organizations.
  3. Leave the past behind. You are here at this moment, and you have the control to change it. Stay in the present moment and do not focus on the past because you cannot change it. Entrepreneur, investor and online marketer John Rampton shares his tips on leaving the past behind, saying, “One of the most effective ways to let go of the past is to embrace the present. Instead of reliving the past and getting consumed with negativity, keep yourself active and enjoy the current moment. Learn a new skill. Meditate. Exercise. Have dinner with a friend. Make a new friend. Whatever it is, just live in the moment.”[1]
  4. Do your best every day. Each day, you have a choice to celebrate or dishonor life. You celebrate life by being positive and grateful for the present moment.
  5. Embrace change. Change is constant, it happens all the time. Even small changes can make a big impact in your life. In “How to Prepare for Life Changes,” psychiatrist Abigail Brenner suggests we, “Recognize that change is essential for living a fruitful life. Fear of change, fear of stepping into the unknown, creates a monolithic existence, often dull, narrow in scope, and uninspired. Change creates possibility.”[2]
  6. Ask for help. Celebrating life, especially at Hodges University, is a universal theme that we are all working on together. We are fortunate that you are here with us. We take pride in helping our students on their journeys. For more information about the resources available at Hodges University, and in the Southwest Florida Community, please contact our office today.

Do you need some inspiration to begin celebrating life? If so, here are a few quotes to help you begin your process:

  1. “A dream written down with a (timeline) becomes a goal. A goal, broken down into steps, becomes a plan.  A plan, backed by action, makes your dreams come true.”  Greg S. Reid
  2. “If you don’t leave your past in the past, it will destroy your future. Live for what today has to offer, not for what yesterday has taken away.” Mark and Angel Hack
  3. “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude about it.” Maya Angelou
  4. “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball
  5. “Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.” – Mary Ann Radmacher

Do you have any inspirational quotes that you turn to in times of need? If so, share them with us and let us know how they have influenced your life.

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[2] Brenner, Abigail. “How to Prepare for Life Changes.” Psychology Today. April 25, 2015.