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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Hodges

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You’re doing your homework on colleges. You’ve discovered a career path and degree program that interests you, and now you’re wondering, “Which school is right for me?”

Here are 11 facts illustrating why Hodges University may be the right fit for you!

  1. Small Class Sizes

Many Hodges courses average just 14 students — the perfect size for stimulating discussion and getting the personal attention you need to be successful.

  1. Support for the Whole Student

Hodges offers a range of services for students and graduates to help navigate academic, career and personal challenges. For example:

    1. Career Services: Take advantage of our free, one-on-one career counseling, resume review, mock interviews and job placement services.
    2. Employer Partners: Hodges University partners with many local businesses and organizations to provide educational discounts to their employees and help students explore internship and career opportunities.
    3. Counseling Services: We can help you address social and personal challenges with our group workshops, seminars and individual counseling.
    4. Mentor Program: We make a “mentor/mentee” match for you with a Hodges University administrator, faculty member, alumni, upper classmate or staff advisor.
  1. Financial Aid Support

Hodges helps each student find financial aid options and guides them through the process. One helpful tool is the online AwardSpring Scholarship application system that provides you with useful information and eligibility criteria for a wide array of scholarships.

  1. Connection Maker!

Get the most out of your college experience. Hodges has a variety of student organizations to help students network, make friends, gain experience and perform community service.

  1. Diversity & Inclusion in Practice

Hodges has gone beyond simply talking about diversity by developing the resources needed to help students of all backgrounds succeed.

    1. English-language learners: The Intensive English Program Bridge is designed for students who need support with the English language in order to achieve their educational objectives.
    2. Disability Support Services: Hodges ensures all students with special needs are given equal access to our programs and activities. We create both an accessible physical environment and a supportive psychological environment.
  1. Beyond “Veteran-Friendly”

Hodges is known as a school where our military veterans can thrive. In recent years, Hodges earned multiple recognitions for its commitment to student veterans, including its designation as a Military Friendly School in 2016 and 2017. In addition, the university was named to the Military Times Best for Vets: Colleges 2016.

  1. Take a Blended Approach

With both online and traditional courses available in many programs at Hodges, you may decide to take some courses online or on campus, depending on your schedule and learning style.

  1. Hodges Is for Finishers

Maybe you started your college career elsewhere — or maybe your college experience was delayed by job, family or military commitments. Hodges is designed for people like you — those who are driven to pick up where they left off and move toward new opportunities. That’s why our flexible learning formats are designed to meet the needs of today’s busy student.

  1. You Did the Work. You Take the Credit.

Not only can you transfer qualifying credits from other educational institutions, but you can also transform professional and military experience into credits toward your degree at Hodges.*

  1. Prepare for Professional Certification

Many of our programs prepare you for specific certification so you can gain the credentials you need to advance your career. Examples include:

    1. eDiscovery and eLitigation Certification: Increased use of technology in the legal profession requires students to learn ways to manage digital discovery methods, privacy concerns and electronically stored information.
    2. Technology Certificates: Hodges offers students the opportunity to receive up to nine certificates that are beneficial in technology-based industries (A+, Net+, Security+, Linux+, MCAS, CCNA, MCP, MCSA and ICCP C++).
    3. English as a Second Language (ESL) Certificate: Improve your existing proficiency in English or increase your knowledge and job skills.
    4. Substance Abuse Certification: Help others overcome addiction by preparing for certification as a professional drug and alcohol abuse counselor recognized by the Florida Certification Board.
    5. Long-Term Care Administration Certificate: Prepare for the Long Term Administrator examination for nursing home administration.
  1. One Success After Another

Many Hodges programs are “stackable,” meaning they let you progress from one degree level to another. For example, the credits you earn for an associate degree can apply to the bachelor’s degree in your program.

Those are just a few reasons why Hodges University may be the right choice for you. When you’re ready, why not reach out to one of our academic advisors to learn more about how Hodges can help you. Or, if you’re ready, you can apply now to begin your journey at Hodges.

* UPOWER™ at Hodges University is a fully online, self-paced program that allows you to pursue your degree on your time. You may earn maximum credit for previous skills learned through work experience or military service. Plus, it’s a fraction of the cost. Click here to learn which programs are available in the UPOWER format and other details.