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7 Steps to Career Success

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By Jama Thurman, career services manager at Hodges University

Do you need help determining your career goals and finding opportunities associated with your major? Do you want to gain real-world experience through internships or part-time work? Do you want to update your resume? Do you need practice answering common interview questions or networking at a career fair?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the Office of Career Services is here to help. There are many services available, including:

  • Individual career counseling
  • Personality and career assessment (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
  • Resume and cover letter review
  • Job search and networking assistance
  • Interviewing skills practice
  • Career Fair preparation
  • Employer spotlights (on-campus recruitment) and Career Fairs
  • Online job board such as College Central
  • On-campus workshops (Resume and Cover Letters, Interviewing Skills, Networking, Motivation and Job Search, Career Exploration and Values)

The mission of the Office of Career Services is to assist Hodges University students and alumni in lifelong career development through skill building and resources that support the ongoing evaluation and pursuit of educational, career and employment goals.

The quest for your dream job can feel overwhelming at times. Individual career counseling is available to help you explore career goals, personal development, personality traits and strengths, and values in order to find the best job for your unique combination of skills, talents, interests and abilities.

Let us help you with 7 Steps to Career Success:

Step 1: Career Exploration

One-on-one career counseling will assist you in identifying personality preferences, interests, strengths and values. Once these areas are determined, we will match those unique traits to potential career paths.

Step 2: Resume and Cover Letter Review

You can summarize your qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience on a resume using the Resume Builder tool at The Office of Career Services is available for resume and cover letter review. Your resume should be uploaded to the College Central website if you are looking for a job.

Step 3: Job Search

Career Services has an online job board – College Central. This job board is for Hodges University students and alumni. The office receives notices of employment opportunities from a wide variety of local and regional employers. You can set up an account on College Central using your seven-digit student ID number. If your ID is less than seven digits, please enter 0’s before the number. Your password is “hodges.” After you log in, you must complete a short registration form. Once you have an account you can build a resume, upload resumes, search job listings, upload a career portfolio and download career advice documents and podcasts. Employers will post new jobs daily and search resumes of students and alumni for potential matches to open positions. Students can search and apply for posted jobs through the College Central website. Additionally, Career Services has a LinkedIn Group (HU Career Development Group). Job articles and tips are posted on social media, and networking connections can be made on LinkedIn. Please join our group and use social media as a valuable tool in your job search.

Step 4: Career Fairs

Career Services holds a Career Fair on campus in the fall and in the spring. You can get help preparing for the Career Fairs and practice your introduction to employers, as well as create an elevator speech that sets you apart from other candidates and outlines your unique qualifications.

Step 5: Interviewing

You can practice your interviewing skills to develop your answers to commonly asked interview questions. Mock interviews are held with local employers during interviewing workshops.

Step 6: Follow up

Follow up is an important step in the job search process. The interview starts with the first telephone contact from the employer and ends with your follow up thank you note, which reminds employers that you are still interested in the position.

Step 7 Networking

Networking is a lifelong career development tool. You can learn ways to improve your confidence and build strong professional connections. Networking is one of the best ways to find a job.

The Office of Career Services encourages you to start networking with us immediately. Building a personal relationship with us is a crucial key to finding your dream job. Our office receives calls every day from employers requesting candidates for full-time and part-time jobs, as well as internship opportunities. When you meet individually with Career Services to discuss your career goals and review your resume, your personalized career plan will be developed and kept on file. Our staff will submit your resume directly to employers before the job is posted if you take a few minutes to schedule an appointment with us to outline your career interests.

Additionally, the Office of Career Services provides many resources on career topics, including tip sheets, sample resume packets, video workshops, podcasts, a list of the Top 100 employers in Southwest Florida who have the most employees, as well as the top companies in Southwest Florida listed by gross revenue. Lee Memorial Health System is number one on both lists.

For more details, please visit the Office of Career Services in Building U, Room 170F on the Fort Myers campus, or call to make an appointment in Naples.