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How the Face of College is Changing

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More and more students head to college every year, but the students filling the classrooms might look different from what you would expect. More individuals are returning to college later in life. Some of these adult students change career paths, while others wish to learn new skills. While there are many reasons an individual may choose to go back to school, one thing is certain: Hodges University can provide an outstanding education to help any student accomplish his or her goals. With a variety of associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Hodges University offers students of all backgrounds a pathway to pursue their ambitions.

What is triggering more students to return to college? Experts point to changes in the workplace as a leading factor. For example, many workers have started retirement earlier than they planned. In 2017, the Employee Benefits Research Institute discovered that 48 percent of people retire unexpectedly[i]. There are a number of reasons for retiring early, including health problems, being laid off or becoming a caregiver for another family member. For many of these early retirees, they discover they need to learn new skills before they can return to the workforce. Hodges University is a great place to do just that.

Returning to school is a great way to launch a new career and find enjoyment in an occupation during retirement years.

Adult students are changing the face of college in other ways. For some returning students, they do not wish to retire but rather change career paths or launch a second career. Even those people who do retire often consider starting a second career. As people live longer lives, millions more find themselves in retirement and are still able and interested in working. Returning to school is a great way to launch a new career and find enjoyment in an occupation during retirement years.

When a student decides to return to college, he or she has a number of factors to consider: how to pay for school, where to attend school, will his or her new career be financially prudent, and more. Fortunately, Hodges University works with students to help them find their pathway. It is also important to remember that a number of financial options are available to students regardless of age, including scholarships, savings plans and occasionally, employer-assisted tuition programs.

There are a number of pathways that lead to Hodges University. Whether you are coming straight from high school or are deciding to change careers later in life, Hodges University is the place for you. Find the right program and learn how Hodges University can help you achieve your goals today.

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