Ashley Colón

March 2016 Student of the Month: Ashley Colón

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Updated June 20, 2018

Program of Study:
Dual major: Criminal Justice and Applied Psychology

Semester of anticipated graduation:
Fall 2018

Career goal:
At this point in my schooling, I am still undecided on the specifics of possible career choices; however, I like the idea of careers close to those of law enforcement and government officials.

Tell us a little about yourself and your life:
I transferred to Hodges University from Nova Southeastern just over two years ago. I was originally a biology major, which I soon found out was not for me. I am now a dual major in criminal justice and applied psychology and am very involved here at Hodges. I am currently a work-study in the Office of Student Development, as well as the chairperson for the Fort Myers Ambassadors Club, treasurer of the Communications Club and a member of the Psychology Club. I could not be more proud of myself and the goals that I have achieved in the short time of being part of the Hodges family.

What are your hobbies / extracurricular activities?
I love going on adventures and being outdoors. Kayaking and swimming are two of my favorite pastimes.

What has been your favorite class at Hodges University?
I have two classes that I have really enjoyed and that have expanded my way of thinking. My two favorite classes have included American National Government with Professor M. Rogers and Psychology of Deviance.

Hodges University encourages all students to engage in co-curricular learning through involvement in one of the many student organizations. Through the incorporation of meaningful involvement, our student organizations provide students the opportunity to become effective and impactful leaders. Some of the organizations our students are involved in include:

  • HU Ambassadors – Students serve as the “face” of Hodges University when participating in community service projects and activities. As a Hodges University ambassador, students learn leadership skills and create lasting relationships with their peers.
  • Allied Health Club – Students involved in the Allied Health Club work alongside their peers and alumni to support the School of Health Sciences in activities that allow for the integration of classroom learning and real-world experiences.
  • Fisher School of Technology Society – Members of the Fisher School of Technology Society express an interest in using technology as a creative and communicative tool. Using skills learned within the classroom, students and alumni work within the community to provide technological instruction and engagement.
  • Johnson School of Business Club – Assisting current students and alumni in building professional networks and integrating learning with the real business world, the Johnson School of Business Club provides networking opportunities and mentoring with other students and business professionals. Members also receive further business-related insight and expertise with a speaker series and various activities that help to support their professional career goals.
  • Psychology Club – Believing that classroom instruction is a valuable tool to be used not only inside the classroom but outside as well, students in the Psychology Club pursue use their skill sets by participating in hands-on activities within the community.
  • Communication Club – The mission of the Communication Club is to support members in attaining higher-level communication skills and promote best communication practices. Members participate in club activities and community service. They acquire expertise that will assist them professionally and personally.
  • Student Senate – Serving as an umbrella for Hodges’ student organizations, Student Senate is composed of one representative from each group. These members meet to discuss and organize ideas so that Hodges University is well represented throughout the community.
  • American Legion Post 397 – Located on the Fort Myers campus, the John Ebling Memorial at Hodges University American Legion Post 397 works closely with the university’s Veterans Services Center to assist veteran students. The American Legion Post 397 opened in 2013, and it is run completely by students.