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Your Pathway to Success Starts at Hodges University

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With so many colleges and universities from which to choose, what makes Hodges University stand out from the crowd? Simply put, we understand that everyone’s pathway to success is different. Our diverse pool of learners has a wide range of needs, and we’re committed to meeting those needs so our students can succeed. For some, that means an accelerated program. For others, it means academic support or help with a resume and career placement. Many of our students are adult learners, trying to balance career, family and school, and we understand that challenge as well. That’s why at Hodges, we provide many different pathways to success.

  • Accelerated courses and flexible options help learning fit into your life. Balancing life, work and education can be a challenge, but Hodges understands how to help you make it work. We’ll help you design a degree program that combines online or blended courses, which allow you to complete most of your coursework online, with only three hours a week of on-campus learning. We can also help you determine whether part-time or full-time attendance is a better fit for your graduation goals.
  • If you want to get your education quickly and economically, there’s a pathway for that, too. Our Core + Four degree plan has the potential to reduce your time in school by two terms, saving you thousands of dollars. This program allows you to take an additional fully online self-paced learning four-credit course during the term, giving you a 16 credit progression at the cost of 12 credits.
  • When a career in management is the goal, our redesigned BS Management program offers you a Portfolio Pathway. This program uses “blocs” that consist of three core-focused courses and a fourth portfolio course. You can bolster your degree with three managerial portfolios to show your current or future employer. With your Hodges portfolio, you can easily demonstrate your expertise in management, organizational leadership and human resources. This gives you a distinct, competitive advantage.3 students on Hodges University campus
  • For those who need some extra support, the pathway to success can take many different directions. If you need English language instruction, our English learning support program helps you pursue a degree. Our diversity program and resources make sure everyone is included, and our disability services help our students with special needs realize their educational goals. Our personalized learning programs give support in many different ways, including small class sizes, tutoring and other academic support. We also provide exceptional academic transitional assistance.

“I chose Hodges because of its adult-friendly program structure, evening schedule and the management degree program.” – Kay Jasso

Whatever your pathway, Hodges is here to help you find professional success. We offer over 30 in-demand programs to help you prepare for your chosen profession. In fact, our career outcomes success rate is 93%. Hodges has stackable programs to help you build on your degrees, moving from an associate degree to a bachelor’s, and from a bachelor’s to a master’s — all on your own schedule. We also offer both undergraduate and graduate certification programs, which can help advance your career. When you’re ready to make a splash in the business world, we can help there too, with internship and career placement options that help you gain real-world experience and secure a new career. Our career readiness support helps put you on your path to professional success.

Kay Jasso

Kay Jasso

With help from Hodges, graduate Kay Jasso has achieved professional success.

When Jasso was a manager overseeing a staff of 60 at the Quaker Oats Company in Chicago, it occurred to her that if she wanted to advance further, she needed to earn her bachelor’s degree. Initially, she found striking a work/school balance too challenging, so she put her aspirations on hold. Moving to Florida, she started working in the nonprofit world for such organizations as Community Foundation of Collier County, Encompass Business Solutions and Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida. In that time she was gaining valuable leadership experience, but her desire was still to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Jasso did her homework and tried a few different educational options before landing at Hodges.

“I chose Hodges because of its adult-friendly program structure, evening schedule and the management degree program,” she said.

At Hodges, she spent two semesters in the computer information technology program before deciding that management was a better fit. Once in the management program, Jasso enjoyed her classes and the support she received from instructors like Dr. Dolores Batiato. After graduating from Hodges in 2015 with her degree, she vowed to be a transformational leader, improving the quality of people’s lives.

Today she does just that, serving as executive director of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Center of Southwest Florida, managing two staff members and 29 contracted professionals. She credits Hodges University with giving her the skills she needed to fine-tune the leadership and managerial skills that put her on the pathway to her position. Her transformational leadership has changed her workplace, creating positive changes not just for her employees, but for the 200 people receiving direct services and the 200 receiving services via outreach.

“Earning a bachelor’s degree at age 58 wasn’t easy, but it was entirely worth the effort,” she said.

If you’re ready to take the next step along your pathway to success, we invite you to learn more about Hodges University. Whether you’re looking for an undergraduate or graduate degree, or wish to earn a professional certificate to advance your career, we can get you started on your pathway to success. Call 883-510-1915 to learn more, or contact us through our website.