Hodges University Graduates

Welcome Graduate: Three Benefits of Your Alumni Association Membership

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Congratulations, graduate. You have taken your last test, walked across the stage, received your diploma and are no longer a student of our institution, but instead, a graduate, which ultimately classifies you as an alumnus/a. At Hodges University, this new status automatically makes you a member of the Hodges University Alumni Association, an organization comprised of more than 7,500 Hodges graduates – welcome to the family.

While you may no longer be visiting campus each day for classes, logging in online or meeting with your professors, your connection to the university continues as alumni. The mission of the Hodges University Alumni Association (HUAA) is to advance the needs of Hodges alumni through volunteerism, networking and community involvement while supporting the goals of the university and its pursuit of lifelong learning.

To provide you with a bit more information on what the HUAA offers, below are three reasons why it is important for you to participate:

  1. Networking Opportunities. In today’s world, networking is a useful and valuable tool for anyone, but especially recent graduates. Networking allows you to meet and connect with individuals who may have job opportunities, high profile connections or insight into a field or career that is of interest to you. By joining the alumni association, the opportunities to network with fellow alumni, former professors and potential employers is readily available. Not only does the alumni association assist in promoting the mission and vision of the institution, but its primary goal is to focus on serving alumni through networking and volunteer opportunities. At Hodges University, alumni are encouraged to create and/or update their LinkedIn profiles. Professional sites such as LinkedIn make networking easy and accessible for alumni, but also serve as a valuable tool for employers who are hiring.
  2. CARE (Class Audit Refresher Education). At Hodges, alumni can participate in the Class Audit Refresher Education program, which allows graduates to take refresher courses at the university with no tuition charges. As long as seats are available in the course, graduates are invited to attend. No matter how long it has been since you graduated, the CARE program allows you to enhance your skills and remain current in the new technologies, and because our world is constantly changing, this is a special benefit to our alumni. As an alumnus/a, you may audit as many courses as you wish; there is no time limit. One thing to remember when participating in the program is book charges and fees do apply. If you are interested in taking a refresher course at Hodges, make sure to contact the Office of the Registrar for details.
  3. Giving Back to Current and Future Students. Do you remember when you started at Hodges? Were you scared? Were you hesitant of your capability to pursue a degree? Maybe you were uncertain as to how you would pay for your education. As a member of the alumni association, you have the opportunity to impact current and future students who may be facing the same daunting questions you once did. Alumni can make a difference by:
    1. Volunteering with many of Hodges’ on-campus and off-campus events
    2. Becoming a mentor to a student who may be dealing with stressors or struggling in school
    3. Giving back monetarily to help support student scholarships
    4. Serving as positive representatives of Hodges University and sharing your story. As an alumnus/a of Hodges University, your story serves to encourage and inspire potential and future graduates within our community.

Making sure you receive the appropriate care and consideration as an alumnus/alumna, the HUAA established an Alumni Advisory Council in 2014. Consisting of 31 members, the council strives to:

  • sustain communication between alumni and the university;
  • increase alumni participation and involvement;
  • discover and recognize achievements of Hodges University alumni;
  • assess and plan specialty programming for alumni;
  • create opportunities for alumni to network with each other; and
  • develop and promote alumni/student relations.

To learn more about the Hodges University Alumni Association, visit www.hodges.edu/alumni. You may also contact Brian Hawkins, employer and alumni relations manager, at bhawkins@hodges.edu or (239) 598-6166.