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Why Every Student Should Use LinkedIn

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By Jama Thurman, Licensed Mental Health Counselor MH11424, Career Services Manager and Counselor

According to the Jobvite Annual Recruiter Survey 2016, 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn during the recruiting process. LinkedIn is “the world’s largest professional network with more than 500 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.”


Not only are most recruiters using LinkedIn to find candidates, LinkedIn helps you connect with business professionals in your chosen field.

Most students use some form of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram); however, every student should be using LinkedIn. Not only are most recruiters using LinkedIn to find candidates, LinkedIn helps you connect with business professionals in your chosen field. You should set up a professional profile, using a professional picture. List your jobs in a similar way to your resume.

  • Headlines. One of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile is your headline. This is the phrase that appears right below your name. Most people use their current job title for their headline. However, if you are actively job searching, you can be creative: “Seeking entry-level IT position,” or “Management Graduate Looking for New Opportunity.” Be careful if you post these phrases, as you may receive requests from companies trying to connect with you, and all requests are not legitimate. Some recruiters prefer to hire candidates who are currently employed, so use your discretion.
  • Summary. Your summary statement should be similar to your summary statement on your resume – include keywords and highlight your skills so employers know what you have to offer. You can find relevant keywords from reading job announcements that interest you.

Once you have a professional profile set up, you can start to network and connect with other professionals in your field/industry. Connect with Hodges faculty, staff, students and alumni. Connect with work colleagues from past and present companies. As you build connections in your professional network, you are building potential relationships. Your connections know people who work at your desired companies.

You can also use LinkedIn to research your ideal companies. Search for the company and read the posts from managers and influencers at those organizations. Find out what the company has been doing and learn about opportunities. Learn about company culture and types of positions available in your field. Post relevant, professional updates to your profile at least once a week so you can stay in your connections’ news feeds. Include links to industry articles and information or choose uplifting motivational quotes.

Social media can be used in a productive way to build your career. Join professional groups related to your degree, and start connecting with those working in your field. Join the Career Services LinkedIn group, HU Career Services. Career Services posts relevant information about job fairs, resume tips, interviewing, industry information and local labor market information. According to Career Builder, 41 percent of employers said they were less likely to interview job candidates if they are unable to find information about that person online. Set up your LinkedIn profile today and start connecting!

For additional help with job search, resume writing, networking or interviewing skills, please contact or call 1 (800) 466-0019. Jama Thurman assists Fort Myers and distance students, and Lourdes Araujo assists Naples, ESL and students with disabilities.